Some weather satellite images I've received from polar orbiting sats like NOAA 12,14,15,16 and the russian satellites Resurs and Meteor.
    They are received at 137-138MHz with a turnstile antenna and a qha antenna, I used to have an Eggbeater2 antenna but the weather was too harsh.
    Theese pictures are received with my Icom PCR-1000 scanner using 50kHz FM filter which is perfect for this kind of reception, the audiosignal is then decoded
    with computer software (using the soundcard as A/D converter) like WxSat & Satsignal which in turn decode the pictures.

    Theese are my satellite pictures from Meteosat 7 , a geostationary satellite continiously transmitting pictures 24hours/day.
    For this I use my Icom R-8500 radio since the  transmission is on 1691/1694.5MHz , using my old 1.8meter satellite dish (see below)
    Discontinued 2005

    Radios and antennas / satellite dishes.
    Also my Drake's and other valve radios, and some old renovation projects.

    DSP software, radio astronomy, SETI station / Project Argus and weak-signal detection.
    Finally my dedicated 3 meter (10') dish is up and running, at 1420MHz and 1665MHz bands.


     Miscellaneous wave files and pictures.

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